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Set a spring resolution: what is one thing you’re going to do differently this spring to grow as a blogger?

The idea of growing as a blogger can make you nervous or excited. I tend to be more excited, but to be honest, sometimes I am extremely nervous to push past limits and try things I have never tried before. I think that change is good, however, at the same time I know that moving from one point to another comes with concerns as well. I try to remind myself that there may be some bumps in the roads (or even full-on roadblocks) but if I really want something I can usually push through and come out successful. All the bloggers that inspired me were once where I am so I know that anything is possible.

I have been doing little things here and there but one thing that I really need to work on is taking a look at my Blogging Goals and make sure I am doing what it takes to reach those goals. I need to hold myself accountable. Luckily I found 3 great blogging accountability partners so I have others that are going to check up on me.

As far as my actual blogging goals go, I may have to add additional goals and/or modify the ones that I already have. I think I can break some of them into bit size pieces or change them all together so that they are more in line with what I am trying to accomplish (which changes often.) I look forward to working on my blogging goals and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

So the main thing I will be focusing on is modifying and working towards my blogging goals which will in turn help me to grow as a blogger.

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What are you doing to grow as a blogger?

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