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How do you determine what is worth reporting from your life since not every moment of your day ends up on your blog?
I have been using the internet since about 1999 and sharing my life with the world since around the same time. I have always had a website, blog, journal or social media account in which I shared bits about my life. When I share my life online, I try to be as transparent as possible because I consider myself an open book. I like to know that the person writing a blog is a real person with real experiences and not just an online persona so that is how I choose to be as well.

When I read someones story on their blog about something they accomplished I get inspired or when they write about a tragedy I feel compassion. As bloggers, when we share our life with others we can often learn so much about ourselves. We can share common struggles or issues as well as praise each other’s accomplishments. Sometimes we connect on things and it turns into projects or even business partnerships.

When it comes to sharing my life on my blog I don’t have any specific formula that helps me to figure out whether the topic is worth a post or mention. If it is a major event I will usually blog about it. For example, I am currently working on getting a job and/or creating a business and I wrote about it. I shared my experience along with some resources. To me sharing is caring. And I care. I like knowing that if someone reads that post – or any of my more personal posts – that they get to know about me and benefit from any discoveries or resources I came across as well.

If something smaller happened in my life like I baked something from scratch, I may post about it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook instead. I like to think I am pretty open when it comes to sharing what is happening in my life. When I blog I usually write and share about bigger moments so that people reading it can find out more about me or be inspired or laugh or cry. I enjoy the discussions that occur once I hit that publish button.

For me, blogging has been very therapeutic. I can write about things that are happening and share it with others. A lot of times when bad things happen in my life and I write about it people come and give me so much love and support. Though I am not blogging in order to find sympathy, I do feel that sharing what I am going through can help others with what they are going through and vice versa.

Bottom line… I am fairly open about my life when it comes to blogging and I have not published anything that I regret sharing with the interwebs.

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    • Rose G
      March 26, 2015 at 10:22 pm (4 days ago)

      LOL You are too funny. Some people are more open than others and if someone doesn’t want to be as open I respect that. Thank you for stopping by!


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